About Our Products

The products of Jiangsu Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. are generally classified into the following categories according to their area of applications, which comprise (i) RF coaxial cables series (including leaky cables) for mobile communications; (ii) telecommunications equipment and accessories and (iii) Antennas and high temperature resistant cables for communication base stations.

RF coaxial cable series for mobile communications ("RF Coaxial Cables")

  • Transmission of high-frequency signals between antenna and base station equipment in outdoor base station wireless signal coverage system and indoor wireless signal coverage system in buildings
  • Used in radiating high frequency signals to surrounding environment through continuous small antenna elements along the cable in railways, highways, tunnels, underground car parks, elevators and high rise buildings

Coaxial cables for telecommunications equipment and accessories ("Accessories")

  • Transmission of signals within microwave communications systems, radio broadcast wireless systems and air/sea radar systems
  • Accessories to wireless signal coverage system for base stations

Other products

  • High temperature resistant cables which are used as part of the raw material components for antennas
  • Antennas adopted by telecom operators for use in signal transmission for wireless communications

Our products are used in signal transmission systems for deployment into the network which telecommunications operators construct and operate. The following diagram illustrates how our products used in the base station wireless communication infrastructure.









Our products are used in signal transmission systems for deployment into the network which telecommunications operators construct and operate. The following diagram illustrates how our products used in the base station wireless communication infrastructure.

The following diagrams illustrate the application of RF coaxial cables:

Outdoor Base Station Wireless
Signal Coverage System

Indoor Wireless Signal
Coverage System in Buildings

The following diagram illustrates the application of leaky coaxial cables:

Wireless Signal Coverage System for Underground Railway and Tunnel

  • The major product of Nanjing Zhangyu Information Technology Co., Ltd is safety chips for identifying intelligent Internet of things, which features to provide unique identification for IOT intelligent equipment, protect core data such as sensor data and transmission, and shield against common key theft and key-side channel attacks using software vulnerability
  • The safety chips for identifying intelligent Internet of things PMSC 1.0 is in production currently, whose core strengths are:

    (1) Root of Trust:pre-programmed with globally unique numbers and keys to provide root of trust(2) Maturity: mature technology of 180nm, all IP domestically and independently controllable, no production capacity or property rights concerns
    (3) All-In-One:5mm2 area,I2C communication, supporting various MCU chips
    (4) Ultra-low dynamic power consumption: 30M operating frequency with peak dynamic power consumption below 10mw
    (5) “Zero” static power consumption: on-demand activation, static hibernation, leakage control, suitable for smart door locks/wearable devices, etc.
    (6) Security: OSCCA-compliant (SM3/4 algorithm), providing financial grade security (licensed to sell commercial cipher code products)
    (7) Customizability: provision of customizable cloud server and mobile SDK by which enable the enterprises to develop related applications independently
    (8) Reliability: security protocol designs which ensure the security of data encryption and identity authentication, and can resist the common theft of encryption key through software vulnerabilities and side-channel attacks
  • The chips has been certified by the Commercial Cryptography Testing Center of the State Cryptography Administration, indicating that the product is competent to independently provide underlying security capabilities such as identity authentication, data encryption and decryption, and signature verification, which can be used to protect the data security and privacy security of users and systems. It empowers customers in many industries such as governmental agencies, finance, electricity, transportation, and medical care. It can also be applied to consumer fields such as smart homes and smart door locks (car locks), meeting the requirements of graded protection of information security, password application, and security evaluation requirements.

Research & Development

  • To ensure that we keep up with the latest technological developments and commercialise our research and development efforts into successful products in the market, we rely on our sales team to interact with our customers to understand market demands.

  • The company established Jiangsu Province Enterprise Academician Workstation, Internet of things Research Centre and Sensor Convergence Access & Intelligent Information Processing. The establishment of these entities will drive our technical innovation and strengthen our market competitiveness. It will also bring opportunities to our Group to jointly carry out research work with the talented academic team, which in turn may improve our research and development capability.

  • In addition to collaborations with parties such Southeast University in Nanjing, the Group has been steadily raising its R&D work through the recruitment of research personnel. This has enabled the Group to launch products with better design and network adoption in line with customer’s technical specifications.
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